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Enterprise technology consulting with a deeply personal touch. We help you extract the greatest value from your I.t. investments through world-class experts, tools and documentation....

Cloud Services

We assess your cloud readiness, develop the right business case for your enterprise and guide you through the transformation.


DataCenter I.T.

Our data center solutions help you realize the benefits of lower operational costs, higher productivity and greater peace of mind.


Agile PM

Agile software development has quickly proven itself to be one of the best ways to adapt quickly to a constantly changing business environment.



80% of businesses are not prepared for a catastrophic event. However, Intellitech stands ready to get you ready for emergencies, crises and disasters.


We Develop with a Mobile First Mentality

Intellitech has been building native applications, mobile websites and web apps with attractive features for over 10 years

Solutions Built to Last

Our clients range From Fortune 100's to the next great big start-up...! For over 20 years, we've helped our clients develop solutions that work immediately, yet are designed to last.


How do we do it?

From our core team of industry veterans, Intellitech forms virtual SWAT teams at a moment's notice to tackle the hard issues that other consulting companies shy away from.


The Only Team You'll Need

DWith expert-level capabilities spanning a spectrum of skills from Network Engineering, Project Management and Systems Analysis to Web Design, Corporate Branding, SEO and Online/Mobile Development, Intellitech representatives are a welcome sight in many executive suites.


Our Services

Historically, our bread-and-butter has been Network Engineering and Enterprise IT. But recently, we've moved into the clouds… Expanding our portfolio to deliver elegant mobile and online solutions



  • “When Intellitech was brought on to help with the Global Migration to Office 365, I had my doubts. Not because of the resource they assigned, but because of the challenges within our company as we were having major shake-ups in the IT and our Project Management Office. However Dale Dowdie jumped in and took the lead not only in the implementation of our Email Migration Strategy (Lotus Notes to Outlooks) but in putting together a corporate strategy to leverage all of the Office 365 tools and replace our disjointed collection of legacy systems/services. The roadmap and technical documentation that was put together is still being used as we expand our global rollout and leverage this new platform to the fullest”.

  • “Mr. Dowdie devised the process for expanding our Service Desk and support escalation to include multiple regional support centers that were acquired during our expansion phases. His documentation of the escalation and support tree was invaluable to our process. In addition the detailed documentation of our application and infrastructure interdependencies with callout for single points of failure was of much help to our troubleshooting process. Both of these tasks were outside of the scope of his role as Senior Project Management, which he fulfilled quite admirably. But I call them out because it is the additional intangible skills based upon years of experience that really separates him and the Intellitech team from other consulting resources.”

  • “The migration from On Premises Email to Office 365 for Harvard Undergrad was challenging in and of itself. But dealing with the complexity of Migrating the Medical School and School of Education into a share Tenant of Office 365 added its own additional complexities – from technology platform to communication to clarity of security and roles within the tenant. Navigation of those challenges and communication of the solutions within each School as well as with Harvard office of the CIO was a significant effort and we could not have done that successfully with the skills that Mr Dowdie brought to the table.”


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