Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity

80% of businesses are not prepared for a catastrophic event. This sobering statistic reinforces the fact that robust DR/BC is often an afterthought for many I.T. enterprises. However, Intellitech stands ready to get you ready for emergencies, crises and disasters. We will guide you in developing a pragmatic, effective Ready Plan to protect and continue “business as usual”

DR/BC Assessment

Intellitech will assist you in creating a sound Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan, or evaluating your existing contingency plans.

We will analyze your company’s infrastructure to determine the risks that could interrupt operations, and test established procedures to ensure that they are relevant to your changing business needs.

DR/BC Planning

A solid, tested disaster recovery plan is a necessity for virtually any business — but it's imperative when you work in financial services.

Intellitech will audit your company's IT needs, and consult with you to create a workable, certifiable Disaster Recovery solution that meets all regulatory compliance requirements.

Cloud-Based DR/BC

Until recently, cloud based disaster recovery solutions have been ineffective, complex and cost-prohibitive. Butasof2017, cloud-based DR/BC systems have decreased in both cost and complexity.

So, Intellitech now recommends disaster recovery services in the cloud so companies can replace their primary or secondary data centers with maximum DR assurance.

DR/BC Implementation

Hooray! You’ve created or updated your Business Continuity Plan. So, what’s next..?

Don’t fall into the false security of having a DR/BC plan “on paper”. Intellitech has helped companies implement DR/BC reccomendations of all types. From datacenter optimizations to I.T. staff training, Intellitech can help move your business from Aware to Prepared.

Insurance for the Unknown

If you woke up tomorrow to an earthquake, flood or power outage, how much revenue would your business over the next 24, 48 or 72 hours..? Could you even get your systems, data and staff back online in that timeframe...? If an angry ex-employee hacks into your system and erases last week’s transactions, how quickly can they be restored – and which transactions would be lost forever...?

These are the hard questions that must be answered, and Intellitech is here to help you answer (and address) each one.

Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Case Studies


Liberty Mutual Group, as the result of the recent acquisition of over $2 Billion in assets from One Beacon insurance company (45 remote offices, over 2500 personnel, client accounts, computers & networking equipment) required a team of consultants to help integrate the new One Beacon assets with existing liberty standards. This integration project was dubbed the “Lighthouse” project. Based upon Intellitech's Project Management and Network Documentation skills with a previous Citrix Metaframe deployment Liberty Mutual's I.T. Management expanded our duties to take on the creation of a single consolidated project plan for the Integration of all One Beacon remote offices within the Liberty Mutual Regional Area Markets (LRAM) network.


Intellitech rose to the challenge, developing and maintaining the "Lighthouse" Consolidated Project Plan, including the management of resources, timelines and project deadlines. Intellitech also created a web-based Project Portal utilizing Lotus QuickPlace for high-level Task Management, Issue Tracking and Project Change Request Management.


SetClear offers trade settlement aggregation and comprehensive middle- and back-office clearing services to the Financial Services industry. They went live with their primary service offering in January, 2008. As part of their resource requirements during their rollout and growth process Intellitech served as senior level infrastructure project managers to assist in managing IT resources (consultants and employees) and IT projects that were in process across the globe with offices in New York, New Jersey, London and Singapore.


Intellitech addressed Setclear's needs in the following areas: The deployment of Hot Failover and Business Continuity Data Centers in New Jersey and Singapore; Expansion of the SetClear global network via MPLS and redundant dedicated circuits; Improved management and support of Business Intelligence Data Warehousing by each SetClear team; Implementation of a solution for better coordination of project reporting by other project managers, team members and vendors (Microsoft SharePoint was the selected platform for this solution).


Philips Lifeline acquired Raytel Cardiac Services out of Windsor, CT in late 2008 and the newly acquired organization became the Philips Remote Cardiac Services Division (PRCS). One of the key 2009 projects during this M&A was the development of a detailed implementation plan for Disaster Recovery of the newly created PRCS environment. Philips needed a Technical Project Manager with Disaster Recovery Planning and Data Center Architecture skills to execute this project.


Intellitech entered the scene and performed a detailed assessment of the 6 primary service lines that made up the PRCS division. Intellitech then assembled a Business Impact Assessment (BIA) portfolio for each service line that determined the current human resource requirements to support each service line and the financial/business impact and risks to the organization as a whole should there be a failure in some or all of the IT infrastructure that supported each service line. Finally, Intellitech presented their findings to I.T. executives and then developed/documented alternative Disaster Recovery Strategies (including technologies, costs and resource requirements) for each service line.


TJX’s primary datacenter had reached its end-of-life phase with respect to its capacity, power and cooling. In addition TJX had 5 other regional or outsourced datacenters along the U.S. East Coast and Europe. They had begun the process of acquiring the space to build out a Level 3 datacenter in Ohio that would become the consolidated datacenter for the organization as a whole.


Intellitech was asked to join a team of senior level project managers and data center migration specialist to do the preliminary assessment of the environment, provide impact and risk assessment and strategic options for the migration effort to eventually outsource the actual move to a Tier-1 service provider.


MassHousing had their public facing websites (in multiple languages) and their partner Extranet sites running on the PeachTree Portal that was purchased by Oracle and had reached the end-of-life so was no longer supported. The platform was very outdated, yet was so integrated into the backend infrastructure of the organization that it was difficult to replace. However due to the lack of support and the security risks, MassHousing needed and update Portal solution.



Intellitech is developing and will license to MassHousing the iTech Portal Framework. This custom Content Management System, which ran on the Microsoft .NET technology stack, provided MassHousing with equal or superior functionality but on a secure and up to date platform. Some features include: Contemporary and Responsive design, Drag and Drop creation of Pages. Multi-Language support. Ease of administration without coding. Integration with backend legacy systems and databases so that no functionality was loss in the transition to the new platform.

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