We Are Intellitech

An elite team of information technology professionals
who service companies around the globe.



Solutions Built to Last...!

Our clients range From Fortune 100's to the next great big start-up...!
For over 20 years, we've helped our clients develop solutions that work immediately, yet are designed to last.

How do we do it...?

From our core team of industry veterans, Intellitech forms virtual SWAT teams at a moment's notice to tackle the hard issues that other consulting companies shy away from.

The Only Team You'll Need

With expert-level capabilities spanning a spectrum of skills from Network Engineering, Project Management and Systems Analysis to Web Design, Corporate Branding, SEO and Online/Mobile Development, Intellitech representatives are a welcome sight in many executive suites.


Our Services

Historically, our bread-and-butter has been Network Engineering and Enterprise IT. But recently, we've moved into the clouds… Expanding our portfolio to deliver elegant mobile and online solutions

Case Study: Lightning-Fast Web Development

When Haymarket UK needed to rapidly set up eight event registration websites to promote their international symposiums, they knew that Intellitech would provide the turnaround times they needed.

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Case Study: I.T. Handbook Saves the Day..!

Our Technical Documentation organizing Liberty Mutual's enterprise infrastructure - as well as those of two acquisition targets, helped pave the way for a peaceful multi-billion dollar M&A ...

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Case study: Barbers Need Technology Too...!

Designed and Developed by Intellitech, BARBinc is a suite of online and mobile-based services that's revolutionizing the barbering and salon industries.

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Come take a look at what we've done, and when you're ready contact us. We're ready to service your needs..!